Villa Solaz Punta Mita Mexico

La Punta Estates

For Rent

$7,000 per night

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Villa Solaz Punta Mita Mexico is a Stunning 6 Bedrooms, 7.5 Bathrooms, Sleeps 12-14, Private Pool, Outdoor Jacuzzi, Ocean Front perfect for Surf, Fully Staffed, Villa Solaz Punta Mita Nayarit Mexico is located in La Punta Estates, inside the gate of Punta Mita Development.


Date Range:                               Nightly Rate:                    Min nights:
January 8 – Feb 28                   $10,000 US                              7
March 1 – April 23                     $11,000 US                              7
April 24 – May 31                       $8,000  US                              7
Jun 1 – Sept 1                               $7,000  US                              5
Sept 2 – Oct 31                             $8,000 US                              5
Nov 1 – Dec 19                             $10,000 US                             7
Dec 20- Jan 6                              $16,000 US                             7

Government taxes 16%

Villa Solaz Punta Mita Mexico, Bedding:

Master 1: King size bed, ensuite bathroom, tub, walk in closet.

Suite 2: King size bed, ensuite bathroom.

Suite 3: King size bed, ensuite bathroom.

Suite 4: Two Queen beds, ensuite bathroom, tub, walk in closet.

Suite 5: King size bed, ensuite bathroom.

Suite 6: King size bed, ensuite bathroom.

Extra bedroom 7: King size bed, ensuite bathroom.

Villa Solaz Punta Mita Nayarit Mexico, Staff & Services:

Villa Host



House Man

Golf cart

Need to know: The oceanfront is rocky, for sandy beach visit the nearby Beach Clubs.

Villa Solaz Punta Mita Nayarit Mexico, Getting there:

45 minutes drive from Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR)

60 minutes drive from Downtown

Transport available

Villa Policies

Rates do not included Mexican Taxes and Staff gratuities

Maximum 12 adults and 2 children

Rates listed are up to 12 guest

Security deposit required

Minimum stay apply

At extra cost, in advance notice

Cost of food & beverages

Grocery pre-stocking fee

Airport transfers

Car rental

Extra Golf Cart Rental

Massage & Spa treatments

Additional bedding

Activities & excursions

Nanny services

Villa Solaz Punta Mita Mexico

Vacations are often fun and times to remember by in life, it is these vacations which bring us closer to our family once we decide to take a fresh breath from the hectic schedule of their daily life. Every once in a while you can choose to take your entire family for a nice outing and have memorable moments added to the photo album. What’s there to not like about vacation trips? Almost every one of us waits for the entire year along with kids for school and colleges to get over and to go on a vacation. While vacation is certainly a thing of fun, it can sometimes turn into a mess due to improper planning and you certainly don’t want to get embarrassed or tackle stringent procedures in front of your entire family on a vacation when all you want to do is relax and be happy.
Every now and then you get that idea of a family trip to soothe out things over the coming weekend or when the workload is less next month. That weekend or month is not going to come until you decide to step out and start working towards it. While surprise trips or trips planned immediately are often fun you cannot always grab your kids and partner along with some clothes and supplies and jump on a RV for a road trip over the weekend, especially whenever there are more family members. When there is extended family involved you have to take care that everything goes smoothly and they don’t get anything to complain about or tick you off with any inadequacy and yes they have to be invited even if you don’t like them. Also, if your kids are married or you want to go with your parents and siblings or there is any other reason why there are more people than just a small group then you have to plan things properly.
So, looking at the usual ideas and things you will sit down with a pen and paper jotting down all that you have to take care of and still you forget to take care of a few things at the last moment such as booking or renting transporting facilities etc. You can choose the hard hectic way as in the Home Alone movies and expect to leave behind a kid or two along with other important things at the last moment or you can choose the smart and simple way. A hard way would be to contact all the hotels by yourself asking if they have the number of rooms you need for reservation and check for their facilities, timings and location and doing all the remaining things as well. A simple way would be to simply contact a trip advisor or an agent and trust in his or her sound judgement to know your family and their needs and if he or she doesn’t then what can you do anyways? Rather than giving a company a bad review for the cheap motel rooms and worse than low grade facilities you can choose a smart way to take care of many things on your weekend or week long vacations with just a phone call.
So who can you make this phone call to? God would be the first thing in your mind if you have faith but don’t worry you won’t need to go to any such lengths. Villa Solaz Punta Mita Nayarit Mexico  is the answer and a phone call to the manager of that villa will do the trick for you. Now how come that didn’t come to your mind? Instead of taking matchbox sized crammed up rooms in a hotel you can choose to have a villa which is not only a symbol of your panache but a plain symbol of space and that you care for your loved ones too. Villas usually come with great offers and renting a villa has become quite easy these days, while there are different qualities and facilities provided by each villa you need to rise above the images of cottage if you ever want to make your family comfortable and happy on a trip and know the advantages of a true villa. And please don’t say that you are happier as you are if you haven’t booked a villa before. Take a step for that comfort, change one thing and you will know why all those famous Hollywood stars and celebrities put Instagram images of private parties in a villa and why they just look so fabulous in their vacation photos.
What is happiness, joy, fun etc. it’s an emotion which wants you to live more and in Spanish the correct term for that would be Solaz and Villa Solaz Punta Mita Nayarit Mexico is the name of the villa where you can experience true happiness. So where is this villa? Heaven would be overselling it but if you Google the words Punta Mita Complex in Mexico you will see what heaven could be like if it existed on Earth. Punta Mita is one of the most luxurious and private complexes in the Mexican beach area in Mexico.
Villa Solaz Punta Mita Nayarit Mexico with 7 bedrooms you have more space and the word adjust goes out of the window as happiness flows in to fill all the extra space you have in your villa. Seven bedrooms in a private luxury villa are not the end but just the beginning to the beauty of this finely crafted luxury villa. Built over an area of 54,000 square feet this luxury villa sports a 95 feet infinity styled swimming pool so that you and your family members can step into the pool and relax anytime without having to go anywhere and the best part is that there are no pesky neighbors or strangers to approach you and disturb you which happens literally all the time
in common swimming pools in hotels or resorts. You also get a 141 feet beach from ocean pacific view to stroll on and enjoy along with your family. You don’t have to worry about any intrusions or unwanted people in this villa and you can have your perfect intimate getaway or a
private hangout with family and friends.
Did you even think for a second that that was it? If yes then you are wrong. There is full access for guests to Golf, surf fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, tennis, yatching as well as stand up paddle. You also get a huge TV room with an 85 inch TV yes you heard it right, there is an 85 inch big television just for you in the villa and there is also a yoga and fitness room if you want to look good in every photo and want your body to maintain its perfect shape before you go for a beach walk. While you get a beach on one side of the house you have a view to the fairway of the 17th hole in a Jack Nicklaus awarded golf club. The villa comes with indoor as well as outdoor living areas so you can choose to be wherever you want to be at any time of the day while still being at home. It also comes with outdoor dining areas and there is obviously no need to mention that there are indoor dining areas as well.
Villa Solaz Punta Mita Nayarit Mexico is quite brilliantly designed with the accolades for interior designing to the Karen Collignon office. The 6500 square feet courtyard is carefully designed along with the rest of the house by the team of the Tandem Architectural Circle and spearheaded by the famously intelligent brains of Juan Collignon. The construction is completed by Contracta Team and led by Alfonso Orozco. All the maintenance and management for the villa is done by My Concierge Luxury Travel led by Alex Guzman. While each of the above noted names is quite famous in their fields you will still have a sweet tooth for the kitchen if you like cooking and the word Italy will only bring a smile to your face. The Italy made kitchen consists of single piece Bellagio Italian marble and the walls are made from Portugal marble. The furniture has also been chosen carefully to be done by Paola Lenti by the Toronto based Canadian couple who own this villa.
Operating with Five Diamonds Hotel services the guests will have all day rounds Chef, waiters, concierge, housekeepers as well as other helpers to take care of your every need during your trip.
You can simply choose to have breakfast whenever you want and instead of depending on anyone you can customize your food yourself by instructing the chef if you wish to. You know that there is nothing better than a home cooked meal by an expert chef at any time and you won’t have to worry about ordering food or timings at all. So, you now know what heaven tastes like and without needing to worry about anything you can simply plan a trip with your entire family with safety along with every other facility you don’t get otherwise. Just open in February 2016 renting Villa Solaz Punta Mita Nayarit Mexico can be one of the best choices you make for everyone’s happiness.


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